Veera Veera

July 17, 2012


Kubera  Yantra:

      Why  Kubera  Yantra? Here is the answer :

           Kubera Yanthra is  a positive  energy  device which  is  engraved  with  luck lines  for  each one of us.  Lord  Kubera,  the  God  of  riches  and  material wealth, showers  his  blessings  on  us  through  this  Yantra. Thursdays  and  Friday are  very  auspicious  for Lord Kubera. 

          The specially of this Yantra is the number 72 (7+2=9) should come in all the sides if we add the numbers from each and every side (vertically, horizontally and also diagonally). The Number '9' is very auspicious for Lord Kubera.

          Here  is  the Kubera Pooja Kolam  which  can  be  drawn  on  Thursdays in  our Pooja room.

1 comment:

  1. All your kolams are simply Superb..!
    The lines are so fine, absolutely perfect.
    Only few people have such talent.
    Keep going...and thanks for visiting my blog..
    S Vijaya saradha