Veera Veera

January 14, 2013

Pongal Kolangal


Thai Pongal is a day of thanksgiving or harvest festival celebrated in South India at the end harvest season. Pongal festival marks the beginning of the northward journey of the Sun from its southernmost-limit, a movement traditionally referred to as 'UTTARAYANA'.

Also, there are beliefs that the Thai Pongal is an occasion for family re-unions and get-together. Old enmities, personal animosities and rivalries are insisted to be removed from one's mind. In other words, love and peace are the central theme of Thai Pongal.

Here are the padi kolams which can be drawn on Pongal day.

Kolam 1:

Kolam 2:

Kolam 3:

Kolam 4:

Kolam 5:


January 13, 2013

Koodavaravalli festival Kolam


Koodaravalli festival is celebrated on the 27th day of the month of Margazhi. It  is observed as a sacred day for the Vaishnavites. It is believed that on this day one of the Alwars 'Aandal' had attained the divine position as the consort of Lord Sri Ranganathar.

Here is the kolam dedicated to Lord Krishna on the day of Koodaravalli drawn in the Pooja room of our house.

Here is the closer view of the Kolam: