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April 09, 2012

Snake Kolam

Naaga Panchamī  is a festival during which religious Hindus in some parts of India worship either images of or live Naagas (cobras) on the fifth day after Amavasya of the month of Shraavana (July - August).  

In South India, on this day, married women and the girls wake up early in the morning, take head bath, arrange the things necessary for pooja and start to reach a nearest Ant Hill(Snake's Home). They offer pooja and Milk to the Ant Hill and pray to Snake God(Indian Cobra - Lord Subramanya's Incarnation) for the Wellness of their brothers and their family. This day is like Raksha Bandhan for South Indian Hindus. If there is no AntHill nearby, they offer milk and pooja to the snake statues erected in the nearby temples. A portion of Milk taken for pooja is taken back home and offered to everyone at home as prasadam(Thirtham).

Here is a Snake kolam which can be drawn on Naaga Panchami day.

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